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 800413 - ORBIS 400 Buffer
 Contact: TSC Ambassador 
 Range : • MACHINES
January 1, 2017

The Orbis 400 range of single disc rotaries offer exceptional handling and cost effective solution for spray cleaning and polishing hard floors

High productivity, 1100 watt motor, 400rpm, 16inpad drive
High pad/brush pressure for effective cleaning
Ergonomic design for operator comfort and ease of use
Low vibration levels means greater user comfort on long cleaning shifts
Single disc rotaries have optional solution tank for wet scrubbing
Optional spray attachment available to provide greater cleaning results
Safety interlock and dead man’s switch built into the handle
Comprehensive range of accessories to suit all cleaning needs

Price: (NZD) $2,018.53 including GST (1,755.24 ex GST)

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 805815 - Truvox Multiwash Twin Brush Scrubber
 Contact: TSC Ambassador 
 Range : • MACHINES
March 1, 2015

The Multiwash scrubber dryer is a multi-purpose quick and effective floor cleaning machines that washes, mops, scrubs and dries on both hard and soft floor coverings in one single pass. Ideal for
Food service areas, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Retail premises, Schools

High-speed productivity and Highly effective on “difficult” floors including Non-slip safety floors, Low pile carpets, Escalators and travelators and Entrance matting

Excellent manoeuvrability and productivity, Quietin operation,
Accessible and removable tanks for fast filling and emptying

Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes

Price: (NZD) $3,331.30 including GST (2,896.78 ex GST)

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 808006 - ORBIS UHS Burnisher
 Contact: TSC Ambassador 
 Range : • MACHINES
April 3, 2014

Ultra high speed single disc rotary burnisher that delivers high productivity and high quality results

Single disc rotary with 20in pad drive included
1500 rpm for maximum gloss/shine
Built-in floating pad assembly gives full pad contact
Straight-line operation for maximum productivity
Centre guide wheel for up to the edge burnishing
Easy and comfortable to use, ideal for long cleaning shifts
Built-in dust collection

Price: (NZD) $3,624.23 including GST (3,151.50 ex GST)

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