Saturday Sale

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Save big by buying in bulk once a month

Once a month at our Auckland branch we open to the public, offering huge savings on household cleaning items.

The Saturday Sale originally started out selling toilet paper & kitchen hand towel seconds that had minor imperfections, making them unsuitable for the retail sector. To this we added end of line stock, damaged packaged goods and other ranges that also had minor imperfections. However, as the popularity of the Sale grew, there just wasn’t enough of these “imperfect” products around to keep up with the growing demand.

We knew if we wanted everyone to continue coming back we would have to do MORE!  MORE Toilet Paper!  MORE Hand Towels!  MORE of anything we could provide while still offering great savings.

We decided we would have to offer good quality products at low, low prices.  This includes detergents, window cleaners, bin liners, cleaning cloths, kitchen towels and let’s not forget how this all started..... Toilet Paper.  We have products especially manufactured for the sale that are not available at any other time.  Chemicals that are so concentrated that in some cases it will only cost 4 cents per litre of Ready-to-Use.  3ply seconds (when available from the supplier) are so in demand that our most frequently asked question before every sale is whether it's available.

The LAST Saturday of every month (except December). See you there.