The Service Company and its divisions are committed to actively engaging in sustainability and environmental awareness while promoting a clean, safe and healthy environment for everyone visiting any of its premises.

To achieve our sustainability goals, we strive to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental laws and codes to prevent adverse environmental impacts through sustainable management practices and procedures

  • Continually conduct research into the development of cleaning chemicals to reduce their health and environmental implications

  • Exceed the standards set out by Environmental Choice New Zealand and continue to add products to our Care4 (environmentally friendly) rang

  • Continue to improve our environmental sustainability performance and decrease our global footprint

We are proud to be supported by Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ).  Our Care4 product range is licensed to display its distinctive and well-recognised logo on the product labels.  ECNZ is initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand government, but independently operated to internationally recognised ecolabeling standards.  Its purpose is to recognise the efforts of manufacturers in reducing their environmental impact over the life-cycle of their products or services.  Displaying this logo helps identify products that are sustainably preferable making it easier for government, businesses, and consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

To be able to use the Environmental Choice logo, products must meet stringent and technical specifications.  Licensing involves: 

  • Rigorous assessment across the whole life cycle of a product or service
  • Independent third party verification
  • Ongoing compliance
  • Continuous improvement to meet criteria that is regularly updated

The Service Company also promotes a multitude of brands that have undergone Environmental Choice certification including Bio-Zyme, Cottonsoft, Kimberly-Clark, and Tork.  Some of these brands also hold other third-party environmental certifications such as FSC.  We actively aim to promote these products as part of our business’s sustainability vision.