PEEK Multi-Purpose Polish Mousse Aerosol 500ml

SKU: 800295
PEEK Multi-Purpose Polish Mousse Aerosol 500ml Notes

- Can be used on brass, silver, copper, gold, chrome, stainless steel, bronze, pewter, fibreglass, plexiglas, acrylic, aluminium, ceramic tile, marble, melamine, formica, arborite and sterling silver.
- Removes oxidation, lime deposits, corrosion, grease, tree sap, tar, black marker, graffiti, minor rust, food stains, smoke damage, water marks and more
- 500ml aerosol spray can

Peek cleans, polishes and protects. It cleans badly tarnished and oxidised items and brings them back to life, polishes surfaces to leave them bright and beautiful and protects by leaving behind an invisible protective coating.