PH Pod Petite Liner Refills Cassette/32

SKU: 1359
PH Pod Petite Liner Refills Cassette/32 Notes

- 32 refills for cassette
- Easy to install and service
- Perforated edge
- Gently scented
- Flexible, strong tear-resistant
- Made with 20% recycled material
- Biodegradable plastic (1-5 years)

Pacific Hygiene's pod petite refill cassette is for use with the Pod Petite feminine hygiene bins. This is an easy alternative to a monthly hygiene service. The in-house cleaner simply tears off a bag once full and unrolls the next bag. Each cassette has 32 liner refills making the Pod Petite system a hygienic and cost-effective solution for disposing of feminine sanitary items.