Siliglide Silicone Spray Food Grade 500ml

SKU: 7013
Siliglide Silicone Spray Food Grade 500ml Notes

- Permitted on food contact surfaces as a moving parts lubricant, release agent and anti-rust film (with conditions)
- Stops squeaks and sticking, eliminates friction, repels water and prevents freezing
- Doesn't harden or degrade, stable from -50 degrees celsius to 250 degrees celsius
- Applicable to metal, plastic, rubber and fabric and plastics
- Use on knives, saws, slides, chutes, conveyors, mountings, bearings and moulds
- MPI Approved C26, C22, C15 (All animal products including dairy)
- AsureQuality Approved H3449 Food/Beverage (including dairy factories)
- Odourless, Tasteless, Colourless

A premium food grade silicone lubricant.